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After several years spent in New York, the young fashion designer Ralitsa Ivanova, is back in France with her family. Her children started school in Nice and like many other parents Ralitsa discovered aprons' complex system of color codes for Preschoolers in the area.

The idea, which occurred to her after observing the needs of her children and talking with other parents, was to update the school aprons by giving them fresh, bright colors, while preserving the color codes of the education system... A new fresh look out of the box.


The project included, for the first time in 2020, articles aligned with the Primary school dress code.


This project would have never taken off without the confidence and opportunity offered by Pascale Rosfelder - the founder of a system of bilingual schools. Thank you so much!

Just as important - the founder's husband support, as well as her own children, who are often awakened, dressed, undressed, measured, photographed ... in order to prepare the items you can hold right now in your hands.

It was a pleasure and a real chance to have our items represented and highlighted thanks to the participation of our little stars Viviane, Nicola, Leo and Christopher. Many thanks to them and their parents for the collabotarion.

The remarkable photographer, who is able to become a child again, only to capture the best moment of the children's joy: Mrs. Natalia Tathy.

Last but not least, the amazing interior designer Natasa Martinovic, whom took over and wonderfully finalized the graphic design of our project. Thanks to Natasa our collection is beautifully presented to you.

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