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100% Organic Cotton

100 g/m2


All the raw materials come from the European Union, as well as the design and production of each article offered on the site


Very light summer apron for girls. "NAZARETH Institution" logo applied to the left front pocket. Round neckline. Patterned fabric on the front yoke and on the pockets. Two front patch pockets. Closing with two buttons on the back.

The displayed price includes one piece.

Apron spring/summer girl "Rosa" (NA.)

  • The model presented above exists in different sizes defined by a color code

    PS "A" (98-104 cm) Light Green

    PS "A" (Large size 104-110 cm) Light Green

    PS "B"(98-104cm) Orange

    PS "B" (Large size 104-110 cm) Orange

    MS "A"(104-110cm) Light Blue

    MS "A" (Large size 110-116cm) Light Blue

    MS "B"(104-110cm) Yellow

    MS "B" (Large size 110-116 cm) Yellow

    GS "A"(110-116 cm) Red

    GS "A" (Large size 116-122 cm) Red

    GS "B"(110-116 cm) Dark Blue

    GS "B" (Large size 116-122 cm) Dark Blue

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